The best smartwatches in the market use advanced technologies. The current advanced smartwatch series is the watch 3 series. The watch 3 specifications are more advanced than the previous versions. Furthermore, the watch 3 series specifications allow for additional functions, such as measuring oxygen levels at a more accurate level. If you want to know about the watch 3 series, here are some of its specifications;

The exact watch 3 series specifications

1. Sensors present

Watch 3 series is fitted with sensors that ensure the smooth functioning of the watch. Furthermore, the sensors present ensures that the smartwatch meets its objective accurately. The sensors include; gyro sensors, ambient light sensors, optical heart rate sensors, geomagnetic sensors, temperature sensors, barometric pressure sensors, and the GPS. The different sensors ensure effective watch performance.

2. Watch’s dimension

A watch’s dimension is essential on how the watch will look on your wrist. A too small or too big watch may be uncomfortable and unattractive. The current watch dimensions present is 46.2mm*46.2mm*12.15mm. The 12.15mm is the distance between the screen and the rear of the watch case minus the sensor areas. Furthermore, with the watch dimension, you can request one that fits you perfectly. Additionally, the wrist size of the watch ranges between 140mm-210mm and a case size of 46mm.

3. Color

A smartwatch’s color may seem like a minute thing, but it enhances your look. The watch 3 series color comes in; gray-blue, black, silver, and brown. The colors present ensures that one can match with one’s skin tone. Furthermore, the colors are perfect for office wear for those who wish to wear the watch for official purposes like work.

4. Watch’s display size and resolution

The watch 3 series display size is 1.43 inches with an AMOLED color screen. AMOLED ensures that the display is very clear. Furthermore, it supports touch screen operations such as; pressing, swiping, and tapping. The display resolution is 466*466 and PPI 326. The screen resolution increases the screen’s clarity and visibility levels. Additionally, the display can also be seen clearly in the dark.

5. Watch’s speaker

The watch 3 series allow one to play music, video and make or receive calls from the watch. The functions listed require the use of a speaker. Therefore, the watch 3 series is speaker-supported. Furthermore, to make calling or receiving calls effective, a microphone is also needed. Thus, the watch 3 series is also microphone supported.

6. Memory

The watch 3 smartwatch has an internal ROM of 16GB. It, therefore, means that you can install apps and save music on the watch.

7. Water resistance

The watch 3 series consists of advanced technologies that ensure different people can effectively use the watch. For example, for swimmers, the watch 3 series allows for a certain degree of water resistance. The water resistance level of the smartwatch is the 5 ATM. Exposing the smartwatch to a water level beyond that amount can lead to damage. The 5 ATM means that the water resistance rating is 50 meters as per the ISO 22810:2010 standards.


Watch 3 series advanced technologies encourage high performance. Furthermore, the above are just some of its specifications. The different specifications meet different purposes, from the watch’s appearance to its functionality.


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