Many first-time buyers of lecteur cd do not often understand the jargon that comes with the model’s specifications they want to buy. To understand what it means to buy a particular CD player model, you can read up some of the descriptions of the CD players’ specifications.

When you want to buy a new CD player, you should look out for these features on your gadget:

Things to Consider When Buying a CD player


What does that mean when you read THD+N on a CD player? That means Total Harmonic Distortion, which measures the level of distortion included in the CD player’s audio signal. Go for the lower THD+N.

Signal to Noise Ratio

S/N ratio or signal to noise ratio is the measurement of the differences seen between the noises a user does not want to hear and the interesting voice.

The uninterested sound should be lower than the interesting sound in any CD player.

Total correlated jitter

What do we mean by jitter in your music gadget? This is a gap in your playback that happens due to the internal clocking or processing challenges of your gadget’s conversion of digital to analog. We measure these gaps in picoseconds that are difficult for you to hear.

Stop-band rejection

Go for CD players with filters that ensure that signals from outside frequencies are removed. You enjoy your music better when it removes these external sounds.


Many people do not know that they need an anti-skipping feature in their CD player for better sound production. You may not like music that will be skipping on your CD. This feature is designed as an anti-shock that cushions are jostling or running around with your CD.

Bass Boost

Mega boost or bass boost helps in the highlights of your CD’s depth-sounding aspects of your music.

Radio with Presets

With the present options in your CD, you can stop getting bored listening to your music without jumping from one station to another.


We have different CD players that let their users program different tracks in their sequences. You should go for CDs that offer you programmable features that allow you do many things with your gadget.

Recording Options

If you want to use the recording options in your CD player, you should look at the recording features of your music gadget.

Types of CD Players

We have numerous types of CD Players you can consider. Here is a list of a few CDs to try:

  • Home CD players: We see this type of gadget within our home theaters, and they provide us with various CD changes. However, it has no speaker.
  • Portable CD player: This portable type of CD player is among the smallest CD players on the market. It is powered by batteries and can be moved around with difficulties.
  • Boombox: Batteries or an electric outlet powers this type of CD player.
  • Car CD player: We find CD players on the car’s dashboard.
  • Computer Disc Drive: We do not often find this type of CD player.


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